Episode 2 of 12

Flawless Words

with David Steele

Episode 2 of 12

Flawless Words

with David Steele

Imagine being able to speak flawlessly, with words perfectly crafted for every situation. Each one of us has been given complete freedom by God to use whatever words we desire. We can choose to speak truth or lies, words that hurt or words that heal. We can use our words to encourage and build others up, or to hurt and tear them down. Jesus said that every one of us will have to give account on the day of judgement for every empty word we have spoken. How seriously are you taking your words?
1. What most impacted you about episode 2? 2. Who have you most been representing with your words? a) yourself b) God c) the enemy? Can you think of times when you represented each one of these three by the way you spoke? Did this always happen intentionally or did things just come out of your mouth as a reaction to your circumstances or feelings? 3. Have you ever made excuses for why you can’t represent God like Jeremiah did? 4. Do you think that the way you speak is largely a reflection of what you feed yourself on? What steps could you take that would result in you speaking God’s flawless words more often? Action Point: Make a habit of picking up the Bible and reading at least one verse as many times as you can each day and ask God to help you to be a better representative of Him and His Kingdom by the way you speak.

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