Episode 1 of 12

Words Change Lives

with David Steele

Episode 1 of 12

Words Change Lives

with David Steele

In episode one, David explains how God spoke to him and made it so clear that He wants His children to hear this particular message at such a time as this. David then goes on to share two incredible testimonies of people whose lives were destroyed by words, and then radically changed and restored by words. You see, although God could have chosen ANY METHOD by which to reveal Himself to us, He often uses words.
1. Can you remember a time in your life when you heard some words that affected you deeply? 2. Do you know somebody whose life changed dramatically after hearing about what Jesus had done for them? 3. How has God been speaking to you about the way you use your words? 4. Where do you think the believers in the New Testament got the boldness to preach the gospel in the face of great persecution? Action Point: Ask God to put somebody on your heart this week that He wants you to speak worlds of truth or encouragement to, or pray for. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you boldness to do it!

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The Power of Words Episode 1


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